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A Map of My Existence   150 pages | Sept 02, 2018

Some truths don’t travel well. Some of them die along the way and others stray from the flock. These are a few who survived the journey.

In A Map of My Existence, Elle’s unique narrative voice weaves stories into poems. With vivid, tangible imagery, she explores the world through a lens of truth and vulnerability as she creates the map of her existence. Whether it’s free verse or prose poetry, she navigates the close relationship between self-awareness and emotional connection while building a bridge between the two.

About Elle Blackwood (Wonders)

portrait3Elle is a poet, writer, and editor from the Pacific Northwest with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and creative writing. When she’s not writing, Elle is often painting or wandering with her Nikon. She loves long road trips around foreign countries and traipsing through old graveyards.

Elle is co-editor of our soon to be released short story anthology, Beyond the Latch and Lever. To view her paintings, visit her at or Facebook: ElleWondersArt.

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