About Us

Welcome! Glimma Publishing is a small press designed to give a voice to emerging writers and poets from Norway and beyond. We will primarily be publishing anthologies of narrative poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction. Please look for our upcoming call for submissions.

Q: What is the meaning of the word Glimma?

A: In Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, there is a small village named Presteid that overlooks a beautiful fjord. There’s a glistening inlet of water that follows the ebb and flow of the Presteidfjord tide, and that inlet is called Glimma.

Not only did we grow up less than a mile from Glimma, but the area was also home to the famous Norwegian writer and Nobel Prize winner, Knut Hamsun. Hamsun lived on the banks of Glimma from ages nine to fourteen in a cabin with his uncle, and he worked as a gravedigger in an old churchyard that overlooked the inlet.

In the land of the midnight sun, Glimma is a magical place. In the summer months, we would fish and hike well into the night, as the sun never sinks below the horizon. The pristine beaches along the inlet are sprinkled with tide pools, and in the woods just beyond the banks of Glimma live a herd of reindeer (caribou) who sometimes swim across the inlet from one beach to another. Along with reindeer, the area has been home to the indigenous Sami people for thousands of years, and the reindeer are an essential part of their culture.

In Norway, we learn to appreciate the arts from a young age, and no one is untouched by the incredible legacy Hamsun has given us. This legacy of literature is why we created Glimma Publishing, and we hope to encourage and support up-and-coming writers in his honor.

NPS Photo / Kyle Joly